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Single Stock (Gillyflower)

Single Stock (Gillyflower)

The single stock was a member of the gillyflower class of flowers, which also included wallflowers, cloves and carnations.

They were grown in the garden in clumps or drifts where their spicy scent was considered to be very refreshing.

Stocks were sown in seed pans, or trays, in March and April in light rich soil. Once the were growing well they could be placed into cold frames to grow on, and then planted out once the weather was warm enough. For long lasting-blooms a bed of rich soil was needed, although stocks could grow in almost kind of soil save the very poorest.

Alternatively, from the seed pans they could be planted out into pots, three plants per five-inch pot.

Information and image taken from F. Edward Hulme and Shirley Hibberd, Familiar Garden Flowers (Cassell, Peter, Galpin and Co.: London: c. 1890), 5 vols.

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