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The Japan Quince

The Japan Quince

The Japan Quince (Pyrus Japonica, Cydonia Japonica) was a splendid garden tree. It flowered just after the turn of the year, which required that it be planted in a sheltered position. The Japan Quince did not produce much fruit, and the Victorian gardener did not expect it … but, sometimes, if the tree was nestled against a warm wall, and well sheltered, then a few fruits might be found. Hibberd commented that he had yet to hear of anyone actually eating these fruits.

Since 1880 there had been a number of very fine varieties of the Pyrus available in England – with scarlet, flesh-coloured, pink, mottled and even pure white flowers.

Information and image taken from F. Edward Hulme and Shirley Hibberd, Familiar Garden Flowers (Cassell, Peter, Galpin and Co.: London: c. 1890), 5 vols.

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