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Bali Tour Kintamani And Things To Do Around

Kintamani and places around it can be the best Bali tour to plan. In Kintamani, you will see the beautiful view of Batur Mountain and Batur Lake. The climate is fresh with its interesting agro-tourism to explore. Here are some best places to visit when you are in Kintamani.

Bali Tour Penelokan

You should go to Central Batur, Kintamani regency. It takes 23 km to reach from Bangli City. If you are in Denpasar, you will need to reach 63 km so you can arrive in this village. In this place, you will see an interesting view of Batur Mountain and Batur Lake. It is 1500 meters above the sea level. Many tourists visit this place because the air is so fresh and cold. It is a great place for hikers.

Batur Natural Hot Spring

Include this place in your Bali Vacation plan and you will love it. The place offers a nice view and it is so refreshing. You can spend many hours there to enjoy your bathing. Other activities to do are fishing and swimming. Besides, the place offers complete facilities like hotels, restaurants, and a hall for modern and traditional dances to show.

Kedisan Village

It is a small village you should explore for your Bali full day tour. The weather is great with its fresh and cold air. The villagers are friendly. There, you can interact with villagers from other villages near Kedisan, such as Buahan, Batur, Trunyan, and Songan.

Trunyan Village

The word “Terunyan” is from the word “Taru and Menyan”, a fragrant tree that grows in the village. The villagers have a unique burial method, they call it “Mepasah”. What they do is to place a dead person on the open grave under the tree that we even can see the face with a white cloth and “ancak saji”. To go to this village, we have to across the Batur Lake for 30 minutes by boat.

Pura Batur

It is also popular as Pura Ulun Danu. The temple is 900 meters above sea level. You can find it at Kalangayar Village, Kintamani regency. Villagers hold a ceremony in this temple annually. This tradition is known as Ngusaba Kedasa. Nusa Penida Go Vacation can help if you have any interest to visit Bali with Bali tour package 3 days 2 nights.

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