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Penida One Day Trip And The Reasons To Visit Kelingking Beach

Penida one day trip makes you forget all your business matters. You can refresh your mind by taking a short trip to Penida Island, especially Pantai Kelingking, or Kelingking Beach. It is one of the most popular tourist objects on this island. In 2019, Kelingking Beach became the top two of 25 best beaches in Asia as TripAdvisor has released. So, what makes this beach becomes so popular?

Located in Bunga Mekar village, Kelingking Beach is a popular destination you can access by riding a boat from Sanur. To go to the beach, you need to spend about 40 to 50 minutes. This secluded beach is rugged with 400 meters of cliffside to hike. If we have to say, there is something more beautiful than the beach, and that is the view.

Penida One Day Trip And Facts About Kelingking Beach

There are some facts about Kelingking beach as below.

1. The cliffs in this beach remind you of the shape of a T-rex.

2. The easiest way to go to the beach is to ride a speedboat from Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida Island.

3. Once you are in the parking area, you should walk down, and you will see the entire view of the beach and the cliff.

4. If you have a heart problem and medical conditions, you should not access to Kelingking Beach.

5. The rocky cliffs are the real challenge so you must watch your steps. No clear walking paths and handholds on the hills.

6. There are no lifeguards here!

7. Make sure you bring a camera, comfortable and high-quality shoes, drinks, and keep yourself hydrated if you hike.

8. If you want to watch a beautiful sunset with epic viewpoints, go to the right along the cliffs. You do not even need to hike the cliff to watch the sunset.

If you want to explore the area more, it is better to join a Nusa Penida package.

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